Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is a tactical system which is used for purposes of aerial surveillance, reconnaissance and situation awareness by the military, border control and homeland security agencies. The UAVs are equipped with payload consisting of standard still or video cameras as well as IR/Thermal cameras for both day and night vision capabilities. These UAVs or drones are controlled from remote control stations on the ground through a Line of Sight communication link to monitor and control the flight path as well as receive the images being recorded by the respective cameras onboard the UAV as payload. The operators on the ground control station can control the UAV flight and amend its flight path based on the operational plan and developing situation. In the case of failure of the communication link the UAVs also have the capability to follow a designated path based on waypoints using GPS to return safely to selected pre-programmed landing sites. Military UAVs are modern systems for efficient surveillance, security and intelligence gathering at all stages of operations.

Payload onboard the UAV or drone can be fully controlled by the flight operators at the ground station based on the prevailing situation. This makes it invaluable in the use of these UAVs or drones for missions like border patrolling, real-time reconnaissance for intelligence gathering, monitoring of affected areas under natural calamities for launching of disaster relief activities. Military UAVs can be tasked for other activities like communication jamming using specially designed payloads.

Shoghi can provide fixed wing or rotary wing UAVs for military, homeland security, border control or other government organizations based on their specific requirements, operational conditions and applications. Shoghi also assures of intimate support for training of UAV operators and maintenance during the operational lifecycle of the UAVs.


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