Radio Monitoring and Signal Analysis

Radio Monitoring and Signal Analysis

Shoghi has a full portfolio of products which fulfil the customer requirements for radio monitoring and signal analysis. Shoghi has a very robust SDR based wideband radio monitoring solution which is can be implemented both in static or mobile versions for HF and VHF/UHF frequency bands. The Shoghi Radio Monitoring and DF system is full fledged product which provides the facilities for wideband signal reception and  advanced signal analysis capabilities in addition to both wideband and narrowband D capabilities. The signal analysis capabilities includes the ability to demodulate and decode both narrowband and wideband signals and advanced signal protocol analysis for detection of specific data protocols used in the intercepted RF signals. The solution can integrate advanced decoding techniques to be able to decode narrow band radio protocols and also wideband protocols used in VHF/UHF radio based networks.

Signal analysis solutions can be tailor made for specific customer requests for having broad based decoing ability for the numerous narrow band radio protocols like CODAN, CLOVER, PACTOR or others which are popularly used on HF radio and ACARS, POCSAG etc. used in VHF radio transmissions. The decoding of wideband protocols like TETRA and other DMR protocols like APCO-25 can also be provided for customized solutions.


Signal analysis is offered as an additional solution as part of radio monitoring solutions in order that data transmission protocols used on radio communication are decoded to produce the content for the defence or intelligence agency customer. These are offered as part of the HF/VHF/UHF Monitoring and DF system on specific request from the customers. These soluutions are offered by integrating of suitable protocol decoding options along with the radio monitoring system wherein the direct data can be given in IQ format for the decoding and reconstruction of the transmitted data.

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