High Resolution Imaging Solutions

High Resolution Imaging Solutions

Shoghi provides solutions for high resolution satellite imagery which can be usd for both civil and military purposes. Shoghi has capability for offering high resolution processed satellite images on demand through its numerous partnerships with satellite service providers. A full fledged Integrated Satellite Earth Station can also be established by Shoghi for their customers which can receive satellite images directly from satellites with the capabilities for processing of the high resolution images in the optical or SAR domain for specific purposes in both civil and defense applications. The high resolution imagery can be used for improvement of agriculture, industrial development, infrastructure projects, mining or other civilian sectors within the country as well as situational awareness beyond its borders for military and intelligence purposes.

High resolution images for situational awareness both visible and IR/Thermal images can also be provided using UAVs which are listed under the UAV section.


Satellite imaging is a very usefool tool for the study of terrain, its features, water channels, forest or green cover etc. which is very useful in civilian applications for agriculture, infrastructure planning, urban development, verification of mining areas, etc. Another rmajor application is the use of high resolution satellite imagery for keeping surveillance over areas of interest over neighbouring countries to study the changes in deployment of adversary forces or key areas of interest by periodic generation of images of such locations. This can be done either by ordering of images both in future or from archived databases for selected areas. Shoghi would provide processed and annotated images to customers. A more advanced solution would be the setting up of an Integrated Satellite Earth Station which would be directly capable of interacting with the satellites and provision of images directly to the earth station where these images can be processed with specialized imaging software to generate geo-tagged processed images for specific civilian or military applications.

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